A One Man Band

San Gabriel Valley, CA

I was walking across a shopping center on Saturday the 23rd,  and I heard music. I looked around and saw a gentleman playing a guitar. A couple of kids went up to him and put money in the hat. The music was nice. I went up there and put some coins in.  And took some photos in case I wanted to do a write up. Because I really haven't come across anyone playing music around shopping centers in these parts. He had other instruments set up as well.

The performer is the classic country The One Man Band Charles L. Angel. What made me want to highlight him & write about my experience was the note that he had on his guitar case(see photo below)...

a glimpse:

Additonal Note:
I stayed and listened to couple of the songs and he had a pretty good voice/sound.  I enjoyed his performance of The Clown popularized by Coway Twitty, and a nice opportunity for me to find out about the songs because I liked the lyrics. He had his business card in the case, so I picked one up and got some more information:He, also, does one song sing a grams and you can contact him at horseshoechuck@aol.com if you want him to play at BBQs & Birthdays. 

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