Best Shows I'v Watched

The Best Shows that I'v started to watch 2010-2011

Outsourced --of course! because it is really fresh and good.
(it's coming out-avail on DVD starting Sept. 13th)

Eureka : It's been on for four seasons when I started to watch. I love it. So now I am caught up to season 4. Love the storylines and characters

Drop Dead Diva: Started to watch it after seeing a post by a friend and decided to look it up. I loved the pilot and the premise and its all good.

Best Shows I'v Been Watching

House. This is the show I always caught up on Hulu. from 2009-2011 I had been watching TV only here and there-no regular shows, no soaps but House was the one
I would watch on Hulu because it was different and good.

Psych: It hasn't been on for a while but I watched it from when it first started and knew it was fresh and different, its good.

General Hospital is my favorite soap, haven't watched it regularly for awhile.

Cool Summer Stuff

The Hot Factor

The Beach Factor

The Fun Factor

The Lazy Days of Summer

Blood Mansion

Carla Laemmle and Gary Busey are some of the actors that are taking part in Blood Mansion by Elusive Entertainment.