RGH Entertainment

RGH is responsible for the wonderful A Very Pink Christmas Pink Panther film special in December 2011.
directed by Rick Brewer.

Randa Ayoubi is the Founder and CEO of RGH.

David Corbett and Marlene Sharp are two
members of their 6 person executive team.

Jeannine and Rick

David Corbett

JJ Drugs

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Jelly Jam: is bringing a few segments of 'parody of stand up comedy shows' combining sketch, performance art and stand up. Most comedy acts that I have seen inter cut to full audiences seated or at tables. I wanted to create an atmosphere where when the camera turns for the reaction shots, there is no one there: the online audiences' interpretations are their own whether its: audience didn't show up, the performer is rehearsing, the performer is terrible, the audience left, its funny but no one is there to watch it or whatever idea presents itself is great... enjoy

Partnerships in Action

Partnerships in Actions is an initiative by the Aga Khan Foundation USA.

The annual partnership walk is a step in the right direction to end global poverty. 

Ivy Bethune Awards 2011

9th Anuual Tri-Union Diversity Awards
honored  Bill  Cosby, J.R. Martinez, Zina Bethune,
San Diego's Performing Arts Group Mo' olelo

The opening segment was a spiritual Native American
ceremony by actor Milo Iron Bear. 

Liam Alison and Bella

Alison, Liam & Bella


Liam Stone and Alison Burton who are producing the film, Brave and Beytrayed: The Untold Story of Royal Raymond Rife, will use the cute Bella in the movie,

Currently, she is being treated with Rife technology   

Tarantino Prism

Tony Tarantino announced the production of a film, the Prism, which is based on the book the Colors of the Prism.  He is one of three generations of Tarantino's in entertainment. His father was in the industry and his son is in the industry. He has written the screenplay and the film is in pre-production.

the Lady at AFI

 at the 25th AFI Festival in Hollywood.

The Lady was a gala screening at AFI.

The film was well done and moving under
the direction of Luc Besson who also attended
the screening along with David Thewlis and the
beautiful Michelle Yeoh who turns in an amazing performance.

The story is woven together with an expert hand. 

The story is based on Burma's heroic Aung San Suu Kyi, the winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.
One of her great quotes is : "Use your liberty to promote ours"
The biopic -film based on her life is extraordinary and worth watching. 

with the talented Mr. Besson

Rock and Bill

Linda B. Williams and Rock Riddle

Rock is the original "Mr. Wonderful" of the wrestling world. 

Jaz with Bill Hooey

Bill Hooey is a casting director, writer, producer and director