When I first heard about the screening, I thought I'd check out the documentary film Resistance to be more educated about antibiotic Resistance. The event took place in North Hollywood at the Laemmle Theatre on December 10th, 2015.

The film was introduced by Ernie Parks, one of the producers of the film. The film was very informative.
I think that regular people just like me who may not be aware of all types of medical problems resulting from resistance to antibiotics would benefit from learning from this film.

The film interwove people's stories with the facts to give the viewers a balanced look at antibiotic resistance.
Prior to the film, I knew less than 1%, probably that it was not good for livestock that we consume to be on antibiotics for no reason.  The film gives an indepth look at how overuse of antibiotics in livestock and by humans(when prescribed) can effect humans.  

The filmmaker Michael Graziano, actor-activist Ed Begley Jr, chief medical office LAC-USC Brad Spellberg, and activist & co-founder of the Niles Project Carol Moss were part of the post-screening panel discussion moderated by Valentina Valentini.

There was a reception at the Fat Dog sponsored by Applegate company after the screening. Meat items served had not been treated by antibiotics.
a glimpse:

filmmaker Michael Graziano & actor-activist Ed Begley Jr.

education material at screening

Ernie Parks

Michael Graziano, Brad Spellberg, Ed Begley Jr, Carol Moss & Valentian Valentini

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Hey Baby

Experimental animated observational humor.

Teen R&B/Pop Sensation Josh Levi Soaring Across the Nation

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Teen R & B / Pop sensation Josh Levi opened for the main artist at the Cinco 3 concert at the Avalon Hollywood on May 3rd, 2015. Josh was a top finalist on the final season of music competition reality show X-Factor. Josh has been on tour with Digifest 2015 and recently opened for Aaron Carter at The El Rey on March 27th.  He attended the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 25th. He is currently performing on the Grow Wild Tour and performed on April 26th in Houston, TX. He is traveling to New York City to perform on Wed. May 6th, 2015 at the Gramercy Theatre.

Josh at RDMAs:

A little about Josh Levi original music: Josh's music as well as artistry is pop/r&b and alternative.
Most of his songs are produced by Grammy nominated producer Drew Scott and 80% are written by Josh Levi.
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On X-Factor USA, 2013

Josh Levi is an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer.
He is performing across the nation and inspiring people where ever he goes one step at a time.
We invite you to get to know Josh Levi.

2015 Taste Awards

The 6th Annual Taste Awards were held at the Egyptian Theatre Hollywood on Thursday,  January 15th, 2015. The honorees were given a new satin gold medal. A list of finalists:

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