Thushari on Outsourced

actress Thushari Jayasekera plays the role of Pinky on Outsourced.
It is Thursdays on NBC after the Office.

at Hollywood Actor Prep

Some additional comments in her own words:
-I did my own online skits & mini projects as a creative outlet
while pursuing my acting.

-When I met with NBC/Universal Diversity Dept. at Actor Fest
I told them that I m no stranger to starting at the bottom, and
though I have trained and have done stuff that i m not afraid to
start at the bottom and work myself up and that is how it happened
all the way to a principle role. (I had gone early for the opportunity
to audition/meet with them)

Red Princess Blues

Red Princess Blues by Alex Ferrari premiered at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Hollywood and has kept going and going to other film festivals. It is the first short film to be distributed via iphone/ipad as well.

the Wheeler Boys

The Wheeler Boys, the Netflix find your voice winner by Phil G. Flores premiered on Netflix & the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 25th, 2010.

check out the June highlight on current_:

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams is an independent film by David Crabtree-Director, Writer & Producer. His company is Dare to Dream Films.

The cast: Eddie Navarro as Johnny, Kelsey Ford as Elizabeth, Jake Olson as Ryan, John Nicholas as Tony, Nicole Gerth as Julie, Daniel Montgomery as James, Anya Benton as Cindy, Tony Forsmark as Brett, CJ McCrary as Trevor and Phoenix Chou as Anna.

The film is wonderfully acted, writted, & directed. Editing is smooth like butter & sound is vibrant as well.

We had a chance to see a screening of the film at USC School of Cinematic Arts & the pictures are from that event.

New Media Film Festival

New Media Film Festival was held on June 11th, 12th, and 13th
at the Downtown Independent Theatre in Los Angeles. There
were VIP party events and film screenings from various
new media.

Rizwan Manji

an interview with Talented and Charismatic actor Rizwan Manji.

**The lighting is a little off because its the venue lighting only
with no additional lights at the time of interview. Tried
to fix it in post by adding more which didn't really help.
He gave a great interview.

David Harrison Levi

Post TV Land Awards celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness hosted
by David Harrison Levi. The mayor of Beverly Hills Jimmy Delshad
proclaimed every April 28th will be David Harrison Levi Day in
Beverly Hills, CA.

Asian Pacific Film Festival

the screening of the Mikado Project at the DGA theatre on Saturday, May 1st, 2010.

Lil Mirkk

Birthday Celebration

Rapper Lil Mirkk

Parvesh Cheena

an interview with actor and king of fun Parvesh Cheena after a screening of the Ode at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. He plays the role of Salman with humor and depth.

Partners In Rhyme

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme.

Sid Veda

an interview with actor/comedian Sid Veda. He is one of the faces of
the Metro PCS commericals (currently airing) 'Chad'

Grand Finale

pre show interviews at the Local Celebrity Grand Finale Event.

Buzz Killers

Jelly Players' Experimental Video Theatre presents-
a mini story

Buzz Killers

Beverly Hills Film Festival

photo and story

A glimpse from Friday, April 16th, 2010 (block 2) Larsen(feedback) and the Ode screenings at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Larsen was a comedic short film selection from Switzerland directed by Carlo De Rosa and was filled with humor.

The Ode was a feature length drama from India (shot on location in Los Angeles and Kenya) directed by Nilanjan Neil Lahiri. Its based on a book by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla who was in attendance. The acting and the story were wonderful. Parvesh Cheena, Sachin Bhatt, Philip Anthony Rodriguez, Ajay Mehta, Noel Gugliemi, Vicotor Riobo, Mrs. Dhalla and other cast & crew were among the attendees.

Some moments were hilarious and some moments emotionally touching.

Parvesh Cheena who plays Salman with warmth & depth and Rebecca Hazlewood who portrayes young Parin with grace & elegance had just completed a delightful pilot show for NBC/Universal titled Outsourced directed by Ken Kwapis.

A jelly noose interview with Parvesh at the BHFF is coming up estimated date:April 27th, 2010.

Pam Anderson Shakes

The one and only Pamela Anderson in association with PETA launched a vegan milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood.

Disco Ball

Brandy Sanders of the Kierrah Foundation hosted Disco Ball: One nation under a cause.

Jeffrey Patrick Olson

an inteview with one of the stars of Pool Time the movie: actor Jeffrey Patrick Olson.


The Slammin' Salmon

The raunchy humorists are at it again!
Broken Lizard's The Slammin Salmon DVD & Blu-Ray were released today April 13th, 2010

Written by Broken Lizard.
Directed by
Kevin Hefferenan.

Starring:Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernen, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske & Jay Chandrasekhar.

Live Jelly Vision


On March 27th, 2010, there was the Grand Opening/Open House of the Taprobane --the first Sri Lankan - American Community Center. The location is West Covina, California. It is a united effort from community members and endorsed by various organizations.

Finally a dream of a central place has become a reality.

photos by TJ for LJ

background song
pipee pipee from the film
ranmuthu duuva

Bandula Jayasekara

An interview at Sawana Radio in Canada of then Consul General
in Toronto Bandula Jayasekara
March 2010

Carla Laemmle Documentary

Producer-Actor Tom Tangen exclusively announce the Carla Laemmle documentary to actress Thushari J, currently interviewer for Jelly Noose.

Samsung Red Carpet

Lisa LoCicero was among attendees at the Samsung Red Carpet private viewing party on March 7th, 2010 with her husband Michael. The talented actress, who plays the vivacious Olivia Falconeri on ABC's General Hospital, had taken part in a mini film using 3D technology for Samsung.

We want to see more of LoCicero's character Olivia and storylines of romance with Sonny Corinthos on the soap that has intrigue and interesting plot twists.

Attendees, who enjoyed gourmet food and beverages, at the party were the first to view Oscar Red Carpet on 3D format on Television. The event was hosted by John Henson of Talk Soup fame.

Pool Time Movie Premier

a glimpse above and
review/event info:

Pool Time- the Movie, an independent film, premiered on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at the Pacific Design Center's Silverscreen Theatre in West Hollywood, CA. The event was well attended. The legendary Carla Laemmle, the niece of the founder of Universl Studios, who plays Zelda in the film made an appearance and even stayed for the after party. She first appeared in a film in 1929. Inge Jaklin, of Hogan's Heroes and who plays Anna in this film, looked lovely in pink. Both of them contribute wonderful performances to the film Pool Time which adds a new twist to the romantic comedy genre.

The film is produced by Tom Tangen and co-produced by Inge Jaklin. The story is written and directed by Michael Donahue. The director of photograhy for this refreshing tale is Scott Ressler and editing is by talented Tonya Noll with music by Ken Fix.

As always, we do not want to give the story away and the film Pool Time is worth your time. It is a gay full of fun campy comedy with a full of surprises. There is tenderness and humor where the characters connect with each other and the audience. Marcus Harwell carries the film well and Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Mark C. Hanson, & Junes B. Zahdi build a solid team. Inge Jaklin's & Tom Tangen's characters brought a updated style to a classical romance story within a story and laughter to the story.

Much of the story takes place-pool side and there is no complaints about that from us.
There are many richly woven scenes that take place between the main characters & supporting cast. Once such scene is between the 4 guys and David's nephew Dexter
and their no holds barred chat session.

Cast: Marcus Harwell-lead-David, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Mark C. Hanson, Junes B. Zahdi, Matthew Sordello, Elizabeth De Costa, Kieran Newton, William Freeman, GloZell Green, Taylor Burke, Scott Senofonte, Tom Tangen, Adam Allison, Q DeChambres,
Gary Monje, Patrick Fulton, Gill Sandoval and Special Appearance by Carla Laemmle.

Pool Time Original Soundtrack has songs by:
Amadeus, Arnold G,Punk Bunny, Steve Janji, Sean Malroy, Moira Cue, Stephen Bryant,
Niko Jaquez, Ashley Cook, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Dakota Colt, Ivan Estrada, Kris Searle, Ramie Tateishi, Jonathan George, Anthony Mazza, Darnell Swallow, Jon Watson, Guy Baruch, and Mark Grilliot.

Among other attendees/guests of the premier included: Gloria Pall, Arnold G, Parris Harris, Asha Puthli, Fawn, Sue Tangen, Esteban Escobar, Anthony Cody, Susan Johnston, Moira Cue, Kris Searle, and more.

* Pool Time is part of a Trilogy & Pizza Time & Party Time are due out soon.

3 1/4 blueberry jelly bottles out of 4
our recommendation: see it if you have a chance.

**pics are blurry because they r on screen only for 1.4 secs & resolution is
lost in conversion to video format&upload(they look fine on computer before upload
as in features r not blurred)

Ron Shetler

Amazing voice coach(singing instructor)

We happen to be in a power packed seminar where Ron Shetler spoke. He has been teaching singing for thirty years and resides in NY. He help people develop their voice and his student have included well known actors/actresses. His Shetler Studios and Theatre Inc. is located in Manhatten. He has a unique way of teaching voice.

Krystina Ptasinski

Krystina Ptasinski is an up and coming actress. She starred in the short comedy The First Date . She is a talented person who has a great outlook on life
and she is in some projects coming up in 2010.

Short Film

Natalie Desselle-Reid stars in the short film Queen Victoria's Wedding. The El Camino College film club screened the film on January 27th, 2010 in Torrance California. Her performance is evocative and gives depth to the leading character who is dealing with mental illness while caring for her daughter. The film is promising and it is well told and we hope to see alot more of it.

Natalie Desselle-Reid with guests

Todd and Shenita Moore of Mighty Moore Entertainment

Natalie Desselle-Reid and BJ Rouse of Rouse House Entertainment at Q&A session

Got a chance to speak with actress Shenita Moore who is one of the producers and she acted in the film. When asked about the hard work of being behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, she said, "she will do it again and that the experience was very gratifying." And as for future plans for this short gem,she replied,"we will submit it to festivals and would even be open to making it a feature length film if the opportunity presented itself, the possibilities are endless."

Benefit Haiti

Emma Zerner and Martin Klebba were among the many attendees who
participated in the SAG Award Post Party benefiting Haiti event
at the Falcon on Sat. 23rd, 2010 evening.

a glimpe to follow


Sri Lankan film Alimankada-the Road from Elephant Pass, a Chandran Rutnam Film, was screened at the Pacific Design Center Silver Screen Theater on January 23rd, 2010.
It was attended by executuve producer Paul Mason as well as by many Sri Lankan American community members.

The film was touching and well made. The lead characters' chemistry and
acting made the story believable. The scenary was breathtaking as well.

Chandran Rutnam had directed the films Adara Kathawa and Witness to a Killing. His production Mansions by the Lake was selected for a screening in Cannes Film Festival in 2003.

at current

Designer Highlight

Wilbourn Sisters Designs Inc. have "exclusive fashions for the lady that loves to make a statement with style and class." Carolyn handles the fashion shows and clothing line in Los Angeles while Janice does it from Atlanta.

The clothing line is colorful and its "designs to Sooth the Soul..."

They had a mini show on Jan 18th, 2010.

Around Town

actress Thushari with Eric Zuley of WTV

actress Thushari J with Sheeraz Hasan of

photos courteosy of Diversity News Publications.

Susan Johnston

Multitalented powerhouse actress, producer, casting director Susan Johnston held her Business of Acting Class at the Showbiz Cafe in Los Angeles on Monday January 11th, 2010. Afterwards some of the aspiring actors/performers/writers spent some time chatting at the cafe. Attendees included Caleb Trout, Michael Sielaff, Sarah Leners, John-Christopher Tremblay, Randy Hardin, Tammi, Jon, Terese, Kevin T.Scott and Jesse.

Susan Johnston is in the upcoming film Dreams Awake. She has given some great performances throughout her acting career and is making strides by diversifying her focus and the New Media Film Festival, which she is the founder, will launch in June of 2010.

Stephani Pratt and Milkshakes

Stephanie Pratt enjoyed Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood.

Actress Thushari J commenting:
I was in West Hollywood to take a glimpse of the Local Celebrity auditions, afterwards Esteban Escobar of Diversity News TV and I headed to Millions of Milkshakes. There the glamourous Stephanie Pratt of MTV's "The Hills" had stopped by to make Milkshakes. We briefly met and said hi and, "Stephanie was very sweet and had a wonderful energy around her." There we also met Sheeraz Hasan of Hollywood TV, Eric Zuley of WTV, and actor Martin Klebba. "They were so cool and its a fun place to hangout or drop by."

-I will be going on live from the Local Celebrity Red Carpet for Diversity News TV on Jan 17th-

Local Celebrity

Local Celebrity Competition held auditions on January 9th, 2010 in Hollywood for the upcoming competition.Esteban Escobar of Diversity News(which sponsors the competition), Eric Rowe and Danielle of California Talent(producer of the competition) auditioned the talented performers who showcased what they can do.

The competition will be hosted by Ryan Ray of Wake up TV and the judges will be music Sensations Arnold G, Fawn and Kris Searle. The competitions begins Sunday, January 17th, at 9pm

A glimpse from the auditions.

Queen Victoria's Wedding

Queen Victoria’s Wedding, starring Natalie Desselle Reid (“B.A.P.S.,” “Eve”), is a Short Film that will debut in Southern California on the campus of El Camino College. Hosted by the El Camino College Film Club, the screening – on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 – will show in the Marsee Auditorium.

Queen Victoria’s Wedding is the latest project from director and executive producer BJ Rouse of Rouse House Entertainment, in partnership with Mighty Moore Entertainment.

Screening Party Is Arranged

For the short film It Can Be Arranged

It Can Be Arranged

After seeing this excellent piece, Jelly Noose couldn't wait to write a blurb about it. Where do I start?

It Can Be Arranged was screened at the beautiful Yamashiro in Hollywood on Sunday January 10th, 2010.The short film, described as a dark comedy was that and full of surprises. It is written by Michelle Mellgren, directed by Jorge Suarez and produced by Diana Suko.

Lead actors in the film are Michelle Mellgren, Kristan Nedopak and T. Ashanthi Mozelle with a wonderful supporting ensemble including Jason Adkins, AJ Stephens,Francisco Dias, Joel Weiss,Christian Traeumer, and Alex Garcia.
The film was shot on location in Los Angeles, California.
I am not going to give away the story because you have to see for yourself.

It is a fresh look at a subject of interest and captures the viewer from the start. It has a dramatic flair. It is an independent short and I was surprised by the story. I laughed along with the thought provoking storyline. The characters were richly textured and their nuances captured just right for the film. For an example
actress Kristen Nedopak as the best friend plays her part with inegrity, she told
us that working with Mr. Suarez was a comfy experience and he works the actor until
he gets the performance he wants out of them to create believability. T. Ashanthi Mozelle brings a dead pan humor to the story. Michelle Mellgren's powerful acting
is superb as she brings the character of Meg to life.

There were no small parts as each actor owned their role in the film to weave
story for the audience to enjoy.

The producer, Diana Suko, reflected that the script started as a play and says that this is a project that she is incredibly proud of and honored to be part of and is excited to be making movies in Hollywood. She is excited to have the chance to see the film go from one scene in class to a film projec follow the project from bud to full bloom.

The talented director, Jorge Suarez, states "that the actors are the movie. Filmmaking is a team sport and he couldn't have done it with out a good solid team."

Jelly Noose will bring you pictures of the event and a quote from the star of the film and writer Michelle Mellgren soon.