Rock Romance

Delon with friend Reyna at the LAMCF exclusive fashion & benefit event.

hot musician Delon(Dilan J) with songwriter San Street

Baron Entertainment

Baron Entertainment, founded by
the dashing Rod Baron who
is married to Camille Baron,celebrated
its 10th Anniversary in November
at Miyagi's in Hollywood. The event
was attended by clients, friends
and family of the agency.

Spotlight on Sisters

The Bird Call

Highlight: the Launch Party Nov. 5th, 2009

The Bird Call Productions had a launch party on Thursday, Nov. 5th, 2009 in North Hollywood to announce the opening of their new studio/production house. The event was well attended and many had a blast. The production space is a themed four story complex. They hope to utilize the space not only for the Bird Call Production clients but have it available for other producers, writers, photo sessions & private parties.

Among the attendees were family, friends & entertainment industry guests.

Ru, Sam, Mr. Samath & Sarah

Adam chatting with friends


Ru with Mari & cute camera guy

Ozzy on guitar

enjoying the party

Jeff Victuelles

from Hollywood Select Talent

Ru with Mr. & Mrs. Samanth

Vi aka Beautiful

CoryLavel flashes a charming smile

Captivating Mr. Rico Green

Talented Raz B photoed with Thushari

at current_

Arthur Romeo


We saw talented performer Arthur Romeo take part in Sweet Baby J'ai's one act historical play Recipe for Hot Biscuits and Blues at the Stella Adler Theatre. The play was a part of the 2nd Annual 20% New Works Festival. It was a wonderful performance by the whole cast. Another performance piece that took part in the same evening was This Is War.

We were able to interview Arthur Romeo who was part of the ensemble briefly in Q&A fashion. He has also appeared in films such as Art School Confidential and Be Easy. Arthur's girlfriend, actress-performer Karina Rossy, was there in support(pictured)

Jelly Noose(JN)Q&A with Arthur Romeo:

1. JN: Tell us about your passion for acting/theatre/film(why)

-My passion for the theatre arts revolves around the idea that every single class of art, be it dance, music, graphic, or visual play an integral part in the process and that's amazing because I truly adore all of the arts .Theatre is great because its entertainment, life, and catharsis. You don't come out of a play without learning about something so in that way theatre helps the world go 'round.

2. JN:What is your favorite project that you've taken part in?

-My favorite project that I participated in was a film called Art School Confidential, it was great because I made a lot a great friends on that set and plus I got to work with John Malkovich for two weeks! He's one of my favorite actors.

3. JN:How did you like taking part in Hot Biscuits?

-Its was a wonderful experience! The cast and crew were brilliant, I was quite lucky to be in their ranks. I like that every project I work on I learn something new and can take it with me, in this case it was knowledge of the negro leagues of the 40's and 50's.

4. JN: Do you like musical theatre more or dramas?

-That's hard to say. I'd fashion to say I love all forms of theatre equally. I'm just in love with the spectacle.

5. JN: Of Film and Theatre which do you like more and why?

-Its kind of the same thing as the last answer, while both mediums are wildly different, they are still tightly bound by firm dramatic foundation, and I love both forms very dearly.

6. JN: What are your upcoming projects?

-Right now I have a few books that I'm working on, and as always I'm continuing to do the Hollywood shuffle hustle.

7. JN: What inspires you in your creative works?

-Everyday life, its tragedies, its eccentricities, it's glee, its depravity, its goes on and on.

8.JN: A link - a wep page to see any samples of your work.

-Sure, here's a link to some of my artwork.

Creative Spirits

Director Barry G. Walker with family son & wife Shauna Walker who is a dancer and a choreographer. He had recently directed music videos for the band Dreamers.
They both directed a short film of an amazing modern dance piece called Solara. Solara is filled with energy and is an innovative piece.

They are creative and entreprenurial, as owners of the peaceful & soothing El Leon in Los Angeles.

Solara is about a group of people from different walks of life who is drawn to the same place in the Mojave Dessert where something cool happens. Shauna not only choreogrpahed but joined to dance amazingly.

J. DeWitt(pictured)was among the artistic performers who energized the screen.

photos by:Thushari J

Uplifting Benefit Concert

Hand in Hand Benefit concert to help flood victims of the Philippines was presented by the Philippine Aid Society(PAS). The event was organized by music sensation Arnold G in West Hollywood at the venue: Rage. The line up of performers were amazing and included:the Silk Sisters, Stuart Guest, Kris Searle, Jael, Lotonius Earl, Royalty Dancers, Jezda, Fawn, Rob EC, iconic Asha
Puthli, B Boys, & Darion Movasseigh on drums. Steven Escobar from Diversity News was in attendance among others such as Parris Harris. The event was hosted by Elaine Lockley-Smith.

They raised a little over $500 which helps benefit many who have suffered
and its able to feed a village of people.