Teen R&B/Pop Sensation Josh Levi Soaring Across the Nation

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Teen R & B / Pop sensation Josh Levi opened for the main artist at the Cinco 3 concert at the Avalon Hollywood on May 3rd, 2015. Josh was a top finalist on the final season of music competition reality show X-Factor. Josh has been on tour with Digifest 2015 and recently opened for Aaron Carter at The El Rey on March 27th.  He attended the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 25th. He is currently performing on the Grow Wild Tour and performed on April 26th in Houston, TX. He is traveling to New York City to perform on Wed. May 6th, 2015 at the Gramercy Theatre.

Josh at RDMAs: http://uploadingit.com/file/view/aidnptpiya6yokyq/IMG_9460.JPG

A little about Josh Levi original music: Josh's music as well as artistry is pop/r&b and alternative.
Most of his songs are produced by Grammy nominated producer Drew Scott and 80% are written by Josh Levi.
----source--- Treadwell Ent. Group

Josh Levi on Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoshLeviWorld
On X-Factor USA, 2013

Josh Levi is an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer.
He is performing across the nation and inspiring people where ever he goes one step at a time.
We invite you to get to know Josh Levi.

You Watchin Razzies?

Top Secret Confidential

2015 Taste Awards

The 6th Annual Taste Awards were held at the Egyptian Theatre Hollywood on Thursday,  January 15th, 2015. The honorees were given a new satin gold medal. A list of finalists: http://www.tastetv.com/ta/6th-annual-awards/

Here is a glimpse:

A One Man Band

San Gabriel Valley, CA

I was walking across a shopping center on Saturday the 23rd,  and I heard music. I looked around and saw a gentleman playing a guitar. A couple of kids went up to him and put money in the hat. The music was nice. I went up there and put some coins in.  And took some photos in case I wanted to do a write up. Because I really haven't come across anyone playing music around shopping centers in these parts. He had other instruments set up as well.

The performer is the classic country The One Man Band Charles L. Angel. What made me want to highlight him & write about my experience was the note that he had on his guitar case(see photo below)...

a glimpse:

Additonal Note:
I stayed and listened to couple of the songs and he had a pretty good voice/sound.  I enjoyed his performance of The Clown popularized by Coway Twitty, and a nice opportunity for me to find out about the songs because I liked the lyrics. He had his business card in the case, so I picked one up and got some more information:He, also, does one song sing a grams and you can contact him at horseshoechuck@aol.com if you want him to play at BBQs & Birthdays. 

Editors' Prime Cuts

North Hollywood, CA

The 8th Annual Prime Cuts on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 included some of the best working editors in show business on a panel moderated by the creative Fred Savage. The event was hosted by Scott Boyd, A.C.E. and Stuart Bass, A.C.E. Had a chance to hear how these editors began their craft, how they developed their style & how they found a passion for editing. I dabble in experimental editing, therefore, I think of myself as a mega fan of editors.

a glimpse:


  • Fred Savage, actor, director and producer of television and film


  • Chris McCaleb - Breaking Bad
  • Shannon Mitchell, ACE - Orange is the New Black
  • Jason Bielski - Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Skip MacDonald - Fargo
  • Kent Beyda, ACE - Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays
  • John Duffy, ACE - COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey
  • Emily Hsuan - Naked and Afraid
Side note:
It was awesome to hear how they got their big break in editing. Only thing: I forgot to ask Mr. Bielski to put in more shots of Mr. Kimmel in his underwear as Mr. JimKim himself told me, he does his best work in his underwear.