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Diversity Pageants will take place Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

Very Excited to take part :

a link to article about me being invited as red carpet host for Diversity Pageants.

At the IFFLA

At the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles in April 2016

a glimpse:

Taslim and Rizwan Manji

Parvesh Cheena, Sonal Shah, Venk Modur

i ran into a few awesome comedic actors of some whom I may have worked with

36th Annual Own Your Bad: and yes we do mean the Razzies 2016

Some actress comments as to why she watches the Razzies:

Rotten Tomatoes offers a 'Fresh Deal' on the Golden Raspberry Awards

Henry Winkler Honored by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters

On January 29th, 2016, "The Fonz of Happy Days" an icon of American television, Henry Winkler was praised at a celebrity luncheon held by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City, CA. He was honored with the Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award. It was exciting to attend and be around groups of creative people who had made numerous contributions to radio & television.

Not only is Henry Winkler a wonderful performer, but he is also a director, producer and a children's book writer. He has written 31 novels for kids including the Hank Zipzer series.

Gary Marshall, Vin DiBona, were among the special guests who shared personal stories & memories about their time with Mr. Winkler. Carol Leifer, Mark Feuerstein, & Jason Ehrlich, also highlighted Mr. Winkler. Then Alan Perris, the President of PPB, presented the achievement award to the honoree Henry Winkler.

During the program PPB shared messages from: Ron Howard, unable to attend, had a cool video message for Mr. Winkler. Marion Ross, who was performing out of town, had sent a letter in which she said in tongue in cheek that 'if she was there Mr. Winkler would only chase her around and try to kiss her.' It was an event filled with good humor of celebratory spirit.

I left the event thinking I want to be invited to have candy by the nicest person in Hollywood. If I get to work with Mr. Winkler one day I surely can hope.

a glimpse:

Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters was founded by announcer Art Gilmore. 

Currently the officers of the organization include:

Jeanne DeVivier BrownChairman of the Board
Alan PerrisPresident
Bianca PinoFirst Vice President
"Shotgun Tom"  KellySecond Vice President
David DowSecretary
Ric RossTreasurer
Michael BrockmanAssistant Treasurer


When I first heard about the screening, I thought I'd check out the documentary film Resistance to be more educated about antibiotic Resistance. The event took place in North Hollywood at the Laemmle Theatre on December 10th, 2015.

The film was introduced by Ernie Parks, one of the producers of the film. The film was very informative.
I think that regular people just like me who may not be aware of all types of medical problems resulting from resistance to antibiotics would benefit from learning from this film.

The film interwove people's stories with the facts to give the viewers a balanced look at antibiotic resistance.
Prior to the film, I knew less than 1%, probably that it was not good for livestock that we consume to be on antibiotics for no reason.  The film gives an indepth look at how overuse of antibiotics in livestock and by humans(when prescribed) can effect humans.  

The filmmaker Michael Graziano, actor-activist Ed Begley Jr, chief medical office LAC-USC Brad Spellberg, and activist & co-founder of the Niles Project Carol Moss were part of the post-screening panel discussion moderated by Valentina Valentini.

There was a reception at the Fat Dog sponsored by Applegate company after the screening. Meat items served had not been treated by antibiotics.
a glimpse:

filmmaker Michael Graziano & actor-activist Ed Begley Jr.

education material at screening

Ernie Parks

Michael Graziano, Brad Spellberg, Ed Begley Jr, Carol Moss & Valentian Valentini

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