L.A. Times the Envelope Independent series featured:
A gem film... Adult Children of Divorce. On Thurs. Oct 3rd, 2013 at Laemmle Theatre. I had no expectations and had no prior knowledge of what the film would be about or who was acting in the film since I signed up for it because I had that evening free but was delighted with how the story was told. Going in I, also,  had no idea that one of the writers of the film is also a writer on the hit comedy show Modern Family which was really cool to find out.

This is a watchable independent film.
The film was funny where it was suppose to be...with a wonderful cast of performers. I was surprised by the work of surprising actors who also made appearance on the film. 
see details at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1311060

The screenplay is by the awesomely funny scribe Ben Carlin and written and directed by Stu Zicherman.

a glimpse:

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Clark Duke

Ben Carlin and guest

Beauty Suite

Women in PR held their 2nd Annual Relax and Rejuvenate Beauty Suite,  at the Make Up Mix Studio in Burbank, CA.