ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards

ICG Emerging Cinematagrapher Awards were held on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at the DGA Theatre.
The selected pieces were outstanding.  The Honorees were:


Daron Keet  1st Assistant  Ripple Effect

Pete Villani  Operator  Carjack

Robert C. Webb  Operator The Girl In The Dark

James Takata  Operator Only Child

Brian O'Carroll  Operator Angel

John Barr  Operator The Carrier

Stewart Whelan  1st Assistant The Money Pet

Michael Pescasio  Operator Don't Let your Love Annihilate


Honorable Mentions:

Basil Smith  1st Assistant Cowards & Monsters

Michael Alden Lloyd  2nd Assistant Dawn


They received fabulous gifts as well.  

Check the Emerging Cinematographer Award site here