RGH Entertainment

RGH is responsible for the wonderful A Very Pink Christmas Pink Panther film special in December 2011.
directed by Rick Brewer.

Randa Ayoubi is the Founder and CEO of RGH.

David Corbett and Marlene Sharp are two
members of their 6 person executive team.

Jeannine and Rick

David Corbett

JJ Drugs

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Jelly Jam: is bringing a few segments of 'parody of stand up comedy shows' combining sketch, performance art and stand up. Most comedy acts that I have seen inter cut to full audiences seated or at tables. I wanted to create an atmosphere where when the camera turns for the reaction shots, there is no one there: the online audiences' interpretations are their own whether its: audience didn't show up, the performer is rehearsing, the performer is terrible, the audience left, its funny but no one is there to watch it or whatever idea presents itself is great... enjoy

Partnerships in Action

Partnerships in Actions is an initiative by the Aga Khan Foundation USA.

The annual partnership walk is a step in the right direction to end global poverty. 

Ivy Bethune Awards 2011

9th Anuual Tri-Union Diversity Awards
honored  Bill  Cosby, J.R. Martinez, Zina Bethune,
San Diego's Performing Arts Group Mo' olelo

The opening segment was a spiritual Native American
ceremony by actor Milo Iron Bear. 

Liam Alison and Bella

Alison, Liam & Bella


Liam Stone and Alison Burton who are producing the film, Brave and Beytrayed: The Untold Story of Royal Raymond Rife, will use the cute Bella in the movie,

Currently, she is being treated with Rife technology   

Tarantino Prism

Tony Tarantino announced the production of a film, the Prism, which is based on the book the Colors of the Prism.  He is one of three generations of Tarantino's in entertainment. His father was in the industry and his son is in the industry. He has written the screenplay and the film is in pre-production.

the Lady at AFI

 at the 25th AFI Festival in Hollywood.

The Lady was a gala screening at AFI.

The film was well done and moving under
the direction of Luc Besson who also attended
the screening along with David Thewlis and the
beautiful Michelle Yeoh who turns in an amazing performance.

The story is woven together with an expert hand. 

The story is based on Burma's heroic Aung San Suu Kyi, the winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.
One of her great quotes is : "Use your liberty to promote ours"
The biopic -film based on her life is extraordinary and worth watching. 

with the talented Mr. Besson

Rock and Bill

Linda B. Williams and Rock Riddle

Rock is the original "Mr. Wonderful" of the wrestling world. 

Jaz with Bill Hooey

Bill Hooey is a casting director, writer, producer and director

NBC Short Cuts 2011

6th Annual NBCUniversal Sponsored NBC Short Cuts Festival

Founder of the Short Cuts Fest is Wil Sylvince

Finalists Screened in Los Angeles Oct 26, 2011

Odessa by Al Thompson and Brial Rolling

Couples Therapy by Mike Rose

Crossing by Gina Atwater

Celebrity Costume Party by Bechir Sylvan, Jason Kelley, Sehaun McKinny & Lee Cipolla

A Doctor's Job (!Una Carrerita, Doctor!) by Julio Ramos

Motivation Speakers

Get Motivated Business Seminars held an all day speakers event at the Staples Center:
It was attended by thousands and thousands of people.

speakers included:
Rudy Juliani
Colin Powell
Laura Bush
Bill Cosby
Joe Montana
Mary Buffet

Scream Fest 2011

The Eleventh Annual Scream Fest LA, Horror Film Festival

October 14-23rd 2011 at the Grauman's Mann Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood

Scream Fest was founded by Rachel Belofsky in 2001.

Opening night featured the 3-D film Sector 7 and a cool after party.

Rosewood Lane premiered at the Festival on October 15th
and the fest screened the film Isolation among more great
horror films.

Night of the Living Dead: Origins- director  Zebediah De Soto attended the event and partied with
his wife and friends.

Lulu & Zebediah De Soto

Thushari with founder of Scream Fest Rachel Belofsky

Zebediah and friend

Video Symphony and Jerome Courshon

Jerome Courshon spoke at a seminar event at the Video Symphony Pro School of Media Production. 

Check out his website at: http://www.distribution.la/

Subh Diwali

Black Film Market

BHER  film fest

Sandra Evers-Manly is the president of the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center.

The African American Hair and Make-Up artists were saluted and honored  at the 18th Annual African American Film Marketplace and the SE Manly Short Film Showcase. The awards even took place at the Center Stage Studios and the film festvial was at the Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles.

Honors for achievement in Hair in film and television went to:
Julia L. Walker
Kenneth Walker
Erma Kent
JoAnn Stafford-Chaney
Pauletta Lewis-Irwin
Kimberly Kimble

Honors for achievement in Make-Up in film and television went to:
Marietta Carter-Narcisse
Stephanie Cozart Burton
Lalette Littlejohn
Geneva Morgan
Stacye P. Branche
Wynnona Price-Gattin
Joanetta Stowers
Phyllis Williams

Acclaimed actress Hattie Winston received the Lifetime Achievement Award

Delicious food was catered by Gwen's

Note: There were many good films screened at the festival. Some of the films that stood out at the festival was Underground by Akil DuPont, Swimmin Lesson by Shahari Moore, Plenty of Fish by Georgia D. Lee.
Prepping Keisha by Kenyetta R. Smith, Burned by Phyllis Toben Bancroft, Close Call by Reuben Johnson, and Big P by Kristina Thomas. 

Lovingly Stoned Productions

Liam Stone, CEO, of Lovingly Stoned Productions announced, along with Associate Producer Alison Burton, that they will soon be filming a bio pic based on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who cured cancer in 1934. The current working title is Brave and Betrayed: The Untold Story of Royal Raymond Rife.

Alison Burton, Liam Stone(dressed as Rife to promote the film), and Bill Peron

Labor Guide

The 4th annual labor guide launch party was held at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA by Showbiz Software. The host for the evening was Dwayne Perkins. The event was attended by entertainment industry guests ranging from accountants, producers, casting directors, actors, and to production managers.

Freak Dance

Do you love to dance and the inspirational dance films like Step Up, Stomp the Yard, Take the Lead, Fame etc? Then Freak Dance is for you.  Do you like films like Scary Movie, Date Movie? Then Freak Dance is for you. Do you like to laugh, have fun, move in your seats to the music, laugh again and again,, and enjoy parodies with a heart warming cast? Then this film is for you!!!

(Upright Citizen's Brigade) UCB screened their spoof film Freak Dance at the Cinefam in Hollywood on October 10th, 2011 for cast, crew, friends and family. They are serving it upright and upside down.

Spoofing the dance & musical films that have risen in the last few years, the film's cast bring a colorful story to life. See full cast list at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1552173/

Freak Dance is better than most spoof films that has been around recently.

The screenplay is written by Matt Besser and directed by Matt Besser and Niel Mahoney. Produced by Inman Young.

Learned that the production started as a stage show at UCB which is quite popular. Fans, your favorite characters are back and ready to boooogaaaaaaloooooooooo. And some of your favorite comedy masters make appearances throughout the film doing hilarious work. There is bit of gore too for this hallow season.

This film has music, fun, heart, a message, inspiration and THE freakiest dancing ever.

cast, crew, family, friends and guests

Danielle and Matt Besser

Drew Droege who plays Dazzle & friends

Benjamin Siemon, Megan Heyn

Danielle, Matt, Michael Daniel Cassady

Find out more at:  

The world premiere screening of film will be  at the Austin Film Fest Oct 21st-23rd, 2011

Bill Blair

Bill Blair was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records on October 9th, 2011 at Hollywood and Highland.

Most Special Effect Characters Portrayed in a Career:

the number is 202

most of those roles have been aliens. 

find out more about Bill Blair at www.alienactor.com

Bill Blair at the Guinness Book of World Records in Hollywood

Krater Studios

Pablo Pagliacolo and Jen Krater

Jen Krater and Pablo Pagliacolo of Krater studios train and inspire performers to do good work.

Krater Studios offesr "on camera training for the professional actor" and part of their mission is that "Krater Studios is a community where working actors come to develop and sustain creative identity."

note :Jen Krater was one of the speaker of the Emily Grace Live Your Dream actor's telesummit 2011 this past summer.


Seth Colton in association with Breakdown Services and VCN hosted a screening of obSETHed and panel at the SAG Foundation. He is producing the episodes under the SAG New Media Contract.

Seth is also an actor and his team includes:
Bryan Burra
A'da Woolfolk
Ali Afshar
Michael King
Leann Bowen
Kathria Tizon

October 3rd, 2011:
There was a Q&A with the casting directors who had participated in the first five episodes.

Mark Teschner, CSA
Michael Donovan, CSA
Geralyn Flood, CSA
Jason Wood, CSA
Krisha Bullock, CSA

Seth with Simon of the SAG Foundation

Seth & guests

Leann and Kathria

Check out the videos at:

New York in Hollywood

Environment of People Foundation event to benefit CSUN Music Therapy Wellness Clinic.

Laura San Giacamo, Judy Tenuta, Dave Shelton, Rachel Bailit, Daphne Blunt were the stars.  Laura San Giacamo is also a children's advocate and she has been honored by the American Adademy for Cerebral Palsy and Development Medicine by Media Acess for her Inclusive Education PSA in the More You Know Series. Member of Congress Howard L. Berman also attended. Actress Thushari was, also,  among the attendees.

The event took place at CBS Radford on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
Music by Fallen Rain and Open Hands

Steven Wolfe Cooks

Oscar nominated producer of the film 500 Days of Summer, Steven J. Wolfe, cooked breakfast for the cast and crew of his new film with Stephen Israel, Secret Lives of Dorks directed by Salome Breziner.

September 30, 2011

a glimpse:

Executive Producer Steven Wolfe Cooks Breakfast
Eggs and Turkey Bacon- pretty delicious.

Cinthia 9215 Demo on youtube

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day, short film, screening at Film Independent in Los Angeles. Thursday September 29th, 2011.  It was a good piece. It is an interesting story and well done.

**The film has been submitted for Academy Award consideration**

The film stars Kelly Perine  and is directed by Adam Rubin

with Seth Ginsberg,

Genevire Anderson and

Byrne Offutt 

Two shorts were screened: a good combination

Hello Caller: light

A Perfect Day:serious

Jelly Jam

Luxury Chocolate Salon

actress Thushari attended the Luxury Chocolate Salon with her mom Lakshmi

Qure Water at the Salon

Seattle Chocolates at the Salon

This was awesome. The gourmet chocolates were yummy.

A Note:
The 2011 Fifth Annual Los Angeles Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON participants included chocolatiers, confectioners, and other culinary artisans, such as Choclatique, Amano Artisan Chocolate, Mignon Chocolate, Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates, Jer's Chocolates, David Bacco Chocolatier, Seattle Chocolate Company, Chava Vital Chocolate, Ciel Chocolatier, Amella, Monterey Chocolate Company, The Toffee Box, Butterfly Brittle, The TeaRoom Chocolate Company, Blissed Out Chocolates, Bootleg Chocolates, Farm Fresh To You, Gourmet Blends, Precept Wine, Pacari, The New York Times, Shell Vacations, TasteTV, Chocolate Television, and more.

Salon highlights features chocolatiers, confectioners, and more with chocolate tasting, demonstrations, chef & author talks, wine tasting and ongoing interviews by TasteTV's Chocolate Television program