Samsung Red Carpet

Lisa LoCicero was among attendees at the Samsung Red Carpet private viewing party on March 7th, 2010 with her husband Michael. The talented actress, who plays the vivacious Olivia Falconeri on ABC's General Hospital, had taken part in a mini film using 3D technology for Samsung.

We want to see more of LoCicero's character Olivia and storylines of romance with Sonny Corinthos on the soap that has intrigue and interesting plot twists.

Attendees, who enjoyed gourmet food and beverages, at the party were the first to view Oscar Red Carpet on 3D format on Television. The event was hosted by John Henson of Talk Soup fame.

Pool Time Movie Premier

a glimpse above and
review/event info:

Pool Time- the Movie, an independent film, premiered on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at the Pacific Design Center's Silverscreen Theatre in West Hollywood, CA. The event was well attended. The legendary Carla Laemmle, the niece of the founder of Universl Studios, who plays Zelda in the film made an appearance and even stayed for the after party. She first appeared in a film in 1929. Inge Jaklin, of Hogan's Heroes and who plays Anna in this film, looked lovely in pink. Both of them contribute wonderful performances to the film Pool Time which adds a new twist to the romantic comedy genre.

The film is produced by Tom Tangen and co-produced by Inge Jaklin. The story is written and directed by Michael Donahue. The director of photograhy for this refreshing tale is Scott Ressler and editing is by talented Tonya Noll with music by Ken Fix.

As always, we do not want to give the story away and the film Pool Time is worth your time. It is a gay full of fun campy comedy with a full of surprises. There is tenderness and humor where the characters connect with each other and the audience. Marcus Harwell carries the film well and Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Mark C. Hanson, & Junes B. Zahdi build a solid team. Inge Jaklin's & Tom Tangen's characters brought a updated style to a classical romance story within a story and laughter to the story.

Much of the story takes place-pool side and there is no complaints about that from us.
There are many richly woven scenes that take place between the main characters & supporting cast. Once such scene is between the 4 guys and David's nephew Dexter
and their no holds barred chat session.

Cast: Marcus Harwell-lead-David, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Mark C. Hanson, Junes B. Zahdi, Matthew Sordello, Elizabeth De Costa, Kieran Newton, William Freeman, GloZell Green, Taylor Burke, Scott Senofonte, Tom Tangen, Adam Allison, Q DeChambres,
Gary Monje, Patrick Fulton, Gill Sandoval and Special Appearance by Carla Laemmle.

Pool Time Original Soundtrack has songs by:
Amadeus, Arnold G,Punk Bunny, Steve Janji, Sean Malroy, Moira Cue, Stephen Bryant,
Niko Jaquez, Ashley Cook, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Dakota Colt, Ivan Estrada, Kris Searle, Ramie Tateishi, Jonathan George, Anthony Mazza, Darnell Swallow, Jon Watson, Guy Baruch, and Mark Grilliot.

Among other attendees/guests of the premier included: Gloria Pall, Arnold G, Parris Harris, Asha Puthli, Fawn, Sue Tangen, Esteban Escobar, Anthony Cody, Susan Johnston, Moira Cue, Kris Searle, and more.

* Pool Time is part of a Trilogy & Pizza Time & Party Time are due out soon.

3 1/4 blueberry jelly bottles out of 4
our recommendation: see it if you have a chance.

**pics are blurry because they r on screen only for 1.4 secs & resolution is
lost in conversion to video format&upload(they look fine on computer before upload
as in features r not blurred)