Ron Shetler

Amazing voice coach(singing instructor)

We happen to be in a power packed seminar where Ron Shetler spoke. He has been teaching singing for thirty years and resides in NY. He help people develop their voice and his student have included well known actors/actresses. His Shetler Studios and Theatre Inc. is located in Manhatten. He has a unique way of teaching voice.

Krystina Ptasinski

Krystina Ptasinski is an up and coming actress. She starred in the short comedy The First Date . She is a talented person who has a great outlook on life
and she is in some projects coming up in 2010.

Short Film

Natalie Desselle-Reid stars in the short film Queen Victoria's Wedding. The El Camino College film club screened the film on January 27th, 2010 in Torrance California. Her performance is evocative and gives depth to the leading character who is dealing with mental illness while caring for her daughter. The film is promising and it is well told and we hope to see alot more of it.

Natalie Desselle-Reid with guests

Todd and Shenita Moore of Mighty Moore Entertainment

Natalie Desselle-Reid and BJ Rouse of Rouse House Entertainment at Q&A session

Got a chance to speak with actress Shenita Moore who is one of the producers and she acted in the film. When asked about the hard work of being behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, she said, "she will do it again and that the experience was very gratifying." And as for future plans for this short gem,she replied,"we will submit it to festivals and would even be open to making it a feature length film if the opportunity presented itself, the possibilities are endless."

Benefit Haiti

Emma Zerner and Martin Klebba were among the many attendees who
participated in the SAG Award Post Party benefiting Haiti event
at the Falcon on Sat. 23rd, 2010 evening.

a glimpe to follow