Talib Kweli Live Performance

Talib Kweli surprised guests and fans with a private performance in Los Angeles. What a treat!!! He is in L.A. for the Rock the Bells hip-hop fest. 

Sonos and Pandora hosted a private concert-live performance and a Q&A session with Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli on September 5th, 2013. The Q&A was moderated by Gail Mitchell, senior editor, of Billboard Magazine. Then the Talib Kweli gave an awesome show. I became a mega fan after hearing his live performance. This is an artist that many other musicians, mainly rap/hip-hop, are inspired by. He gave us a glimpse from his new album and performed some past material as well. He, also,  fired up his free flow rap and he spit out rhymes with depth and speed.

low key high quality performer...

a glimpse:

Talib Kweli and Gail Mitchell

Sept. 5th, 2013

photos by TJ

I want to describe the music as fun danceable with meaning. And I know that we can also describe his creative material as deep, philosophical, and keeping true to the roots of hip hop and rap. 
I have been glimpsing various events around town and wanted to check out this music scene and happy that I did.

His upcoming album is titled Gravitas where he is working with Q-Tip.

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