Comedy on the Sunset

Brian Moreno had organized and hosted the House of Blues comedy night on Friday September 6th, 2013.
He had a line-up of hilarious comics at the top of their comedic peak. Brian is a comedian himself who booked the comedians and he introduced each set. He is, also, a writer and an actor. It is said that he has the skill to smell really really nice.

The talented performers included: Ron Funches, Thomas Dale, Jeff Richards, Erik Meyers,  K-Von, Jake Weisman, Jeremiah Watkins, Theo Von, Eric Glassman and more special guests...

Each comedian had their own style & personality and brought something unique to their set. According to my tastes, I found some material more humorous than other material as did many of the audience members. It's good to see different delivery and writing styles in a line-up of performers.

a glimpse:

Brian Moreno

laid back calm cool comedy

i could not stop laughing at this comedian's humor

he had made his material his own in an unusual way

the anti-comedy comedian with a twist

all the comedians were awesome... wishing them all the fun & funniest in their humor filled journey through life...

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