Russian Red #7

Investor and producer, Aaron Perman hosted a pitch meeting dinner for his friend Sarah in support of the feature film Russian Red #7 on Thursday,  August 22nd, 2013.

Laurie Tsou and Sarah Zerina Usmen, two of the producers involved in the upcoming film, presented the project to potential supporters,  investors and sponsors. They are raising funds to get this artistic and beautifully crafted cinematic feast underway.

The talented filmmakers of this project include: writer-director Laurie Tsou, co-producer Sarah Zerina Usmen, cinematographer Maximilian Schmige, and production designer Nancy Ann Lai

Find out more about the producers and the project at :

Visual Aesthetic:!video/c14js

a glimpse:

beautiful artwork by Laurie Tsou

Aaron stated that:"RR#7 is already gaining a lot of cool attention around LA and internationally: Janet Yang (producer , "Joy Luck Club," "Empire of the Sun”) calls the screenplay “impressive”. Anne-Dominique Toussaint (producer, "Caramel," “The French Kissers,”) calls the screenplay “very modern, authentic, unexpected, universal” and praises its “style.” Backers of the film include a science writer for the LA Times and a former hospital director, among others."

We wish them a prosperous journey in film and creative endeavor!


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