Fear the Sledge

This is so exciting. I got a T-Shirt from Property Wars' Lou Amoroso.

How I found out about the show:
I was given a little vacation as a bday gift by my parents in Jan 2013 to the San Diego area: stayed a couple of days at a spa/resort. I was flipping through the channels one day there was nothing much to watch and I came across a show in progress about guys in front of a house on phones-and there were three more episodes & I got the gist of what the show was about... (They aired 4 episodes at a time and I went from one to another without switching the channels again.)

I am not one of those people who seek out discovery channel. I was channel surfing.. I was hooked. I tweeted about the show. Then again I saw episodes. The cast included:  Doug Hopkins, Scott Menaged, Lou Amoroso, John Ray, Ed Rosenberg, and Steve Simons along with other bidders.

I loved the energy between the participants of the show. I started to watch the show regularly. You have to see all in action... It is on Discovery Channel on Thursdays

It's just fun. And I saw tweets that Lou was giving away some T-shirts & sent a request.

I was checking my mail box today & woo hooo, mine had come in....

Awesome !!!  Thank you Lou

*This is the first promotional show item that's been gifted to me personally since I bought & gifted
myself a novelty toilet mug  from the NBC-Universal store

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