My Name is Lamar

My Name is Lamar is a short film based on a true story of Phillip Lamar who dealt with an intolerant situation in his own way. This short film is created with depth and quality by the production team and heartfelt performances by the cast. 

My Name is Lamar stars Dale E. Turner, Julia Parker, Dre Swain and Megan Henry with Wendie Weldon, Aaron Stall, Sophia Thomas, Keasha Bell, Nora Foley, Carlos Padilla Jr. and introducing Griffen Campbell as the Boy.

The film is written by Film, TV and Stage actor Dale E. Turner. And he also produced the  film. This short film that deals skillfully with handling a racial topic is directed and co-produced by award winning Linda Palmer. 

a glimpse:
trailer for My Name is Lamar

Now that the educational and powerfully dramatic short film production is complete, My Name is Lamar team is ready to take it to film festivals and beyond.

You can support My Name is Lamar with their festival campaign by clicking below:

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