Arnold Garcia

Musician and founder of Shine on Hollywood Magazine Arnold Garcia (Arnold G) celebrated his Birthday and the 1st Anniversary of the magazine on Monday, November 25th, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.

He had a vision to to start a magazine that was entertaining and educational. He and his team has done a phenomenal job in creating a colorful, readable, fun, informative and  unique online magazine.

The world famous Chinese painting master Cao Yong attended the event along with Arnold's friends, family and fans.

*my phone cam output is a little fuzzy in the dim light

a glimpse:

the impressive and inspiring Arnold Garcia

Parris Harris

 i 1st met Arnold G at a private concert event in mid 2008 at the Aqua Club where i was trying to break into the industry: ). Cheers & Shine on for many more...

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