David In LA

A Highlight of David In LA creators: David House, Freddie DeLaVega, & Farand Heydari at the New Media Film Festival Red Carpet. 

DILA is an action adventure web series filled with dashes of humor. They have three episodes out of the 10 episodes they want to do. The third episode was an official selection of the New Media Film Festival and screened on June 13th, 2012 at Landmark Cinemas. The cinematic style and the visual effects enhances the story-line. The  three creators who work in the Hollywood entertainment Industry got together because they wanted to tell a story of their own. All three are producers and writers of the show. David House is also a director and a musician. Freddie DeLaVega is an editor as well as an actor. And Farand Heydari is a filmmaker. (photos courtesy of David In LA-Show)     Find out more about them at: www.davidinla.com

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