Freak Dance

Do you love to dance and the inspirational dance films like Step Up, Stomp the Yard, Take the Lead, Fame etc? Then Freak Dance is for you.  Do you like films like Scary Movie, Date Movie? Then Freak Dance is for you. Do you like to laugh, have fun, move in your seats to the music, laugh again and again,, and enjoy parodies with a heart warming cast? Then this film is for you!!!

(Upright Citizen's Brigade) UCB screened their spoof film Freak Dance at the Cinefam in Hollywood on October 10th, 2011 for cast, crew, friends and family. They are serving it upright and upside down.

Spoofing the dance & musical films that have risen in the last few years, the film's cast bring a colorful story to life. See full cast list at IMDB:

Freak Dance is better than most spoof films that has been around recently.

The screenplay is written by Matt Besser and directed by Matt Besser and Niel Mahoney. Produced by Inman Young.

Learned that the production started as a stage show at UCB which is quite popular. Fans, your favorite characters are back and ready to boooogaaaaaaloooooooooo. And some of your favorite comedy masters make appearances throughout the film doing hilarious work. There is bit of gore too for this hallow season.

This film has music, fun, heart, a message, inspiration and THE freakiest dancing ever.

cast, crew, family, friends and guests

Danielle and Matt Besser

Drew Droege who plays Dazzle & friends

Benjamin Siemon, Megan Heyn

Danielle, Matt, Michael Daniel Cassady

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The world premiere screening of film will be  at the Austin Film Fest Oct 21st-23rd, 2011

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