One Man Show-Matt Besser

I wanted to laugh about something or the other. And decided to check out a place known for their comedy: UCB Theatre. Saw a show at UCB(Uprigh Citizen's Brigade)
Matt Besser had a funsized One-Man Show which was one of the Sunday Free shows.

(see free stuff at UCB if you have a chance or low on cash and
you need something to put a smile on your face and make a donation if you enjoy it, and buying a ticket to see shows there is worth it too. )

Matt Besser:
It Was the Most Offensive One-Man ShowEver :-)

We were waiting to see Matt Besser but there were some opening acts or guest artists that came to show of their humor. Then he showed up at the end. My favorite guest was the Stage Manager guy, sorry Bjork I just didn't know you did comedy.

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