Best Shows I'v Watched

The Best Shows that I'v started to watch 2010-2011

Outsourced --of course! because it is really fresh and good.
(it's coming out-avail on DVD starting Sept. 13th)

Eureka : It's been on for four seasons when I started to watch. I love it. So now I am caught up to season 4. Love the storylines and characters

Drop Dead Diva: Started to watch it after seeing a post by a friend and decided to look it up. I loved the pilot and the premise and its all good.

Best Shows I'v Been Watching

House. This is the show I always caught up on Hulu. from 2009-2011 I had been watching TV only here and there-no regular shows, no soaps but House was the one
I would watch on Hulu because it was different and good.

Psych: It hasn't been on for a while but I watched it from when it first started and knew it was fresh and different, its good.

General Hospital is my favorite soap, haven't watched it regularly for awhile.

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