It Can Be Arranged

After seeing this excellent piece, Jelly Noose couldn't wait to write a blurb about it. Where do I start?

It Can Be Arranged was screened at the beautiful Yamashiro in Hollywood on Sunday January 10th, 2010.The short film, described as a dark comedy was that and full of surprises. It is written by Michelle Mellgren, directed by Jorge Suarez and produced by Diana Suko.

Lead actors in the film are Michelle Mellgren, Kristan Nedopak and T. Ashanthi Mozelle with a wonderful supporting ensemble including Jason Adkins, AJ Stephens,Francisco Dias, Joel Weiss,Christian Traeumer, and Alex Garcia.
The film was shot on location in Los Angeles, California.
I am not going to give away the story because you have to see for yourself.

It is a fresh look at a subject of interest and captures the viewer from the start. It has a dramatic flair. It is an independent short and I was surprised by the story. I laughed along with the thought provoking storyline. The characters were richly textured and their nuances captured just right for the film. For an example
actress Kristen Nedopak as the best friend plays her part with inegrity, she told
us that working with Mr. Suarez was a comfy experience and he works the actor until
he gets the performance he wants out of them to create believability. T. Ashanthi Mozelle brings a dead pan humor to the story. Michelle Mellgren's powerful acting
is superb as she brings the character of Meg to life.

There were no small parts as each actor owned their role in the film to weave
story for the audience to enjoy.

The producer, Diana Suko, reflected that the script started as a play and says that this is a project that she is incredibly proud of and honored to be part of and is excited to be making movies in Hollywood. She is excited to have the chance to see the film go from one scene in class to a film projec follow the project from bud to full bloom.

The talented director, Jorge Suarez, states "that the actors are the movie. Filmmaking is a team sport and he couldn't have done it with out a good solid team."

Jelly Noose will bring you pictures of the event and a quote from the star of the film and writer Michelle Mellgren soon.

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