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The DVD of the indie film Weather Girl is being
released--TJ for Jelly Noose

The DVD of this indie film is being released on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009.
We were able to speak with one of the the co-producers of the film Weather Girl, Dominic Ottersbach, who was highly enthusiastic about this cinematic gem that has won the best film award at the Vail Film Fesival as well as at the Dead Center Festival.

We asked him to tell us about his personal view on the film as well as his thoughts on the DVD release. Mr. Ottersbach replied that, "Blayne Weaver has written and directed a very Woody Allen-esque ensemble piece that will have you rolling on the floor laughing throughout the film. The caliber of actors involved with Weather Girl gives anyone interested in buying a copy an incredibly good reason to rush out and pick up a couple of DVD's, one for her/himself and one for a friend."

His praise is well deserved for the the filmmaking team because this type of quality indie film does not come along everyday. In conclusion, the following forward looking statement by him gave us hope to keep an eye out for more quality films from this illustrious team, "Based on the success of Weather Girl, the same team is heading to Louisiana in February to shoot Weaver's next film, The 6 Month Rule. Oh boy, it just keeps getting better!"

The cast includes: Tricia O'Kelley, Patrick J. Adams, Ryan Devlin, Mark Harmon, Jon Cryer, Blair Underwood and Kaitlin Olsen

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